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Internet and Computer Tools
Browsers, Shareware and Developers' Tools 

Get the latest version of Netscape.

Get the latest from Microsoft. 

Look for shareware here.

Try download.com from Znet for web development tools.

Resource Directory
There are many valuable resources all over the web to help you create your site. We�ve listed many of them right here at the anybrowser.com resource directory

You can find Books about computers, etc. by using this keyword query box.
Study Programs 
Take this on-line tutorial from the USDA Graduate School and learn the different aspects of the web (e-mail, ftp, gopher, internet, usenet, and more).

Medium (better)
A complete on-line study program is available from the Electronic Freedom Foundation as well as lots of other useful information. 

For you advanced web-heads, check out this nerd's (and former associate) "Tree of Knowledge."
Multi-media Software 

Get an audio player and a video player. 

Get an MPEG-2 video player.

Get a MPG audio player.

Streamworks for streaming videos.

Get Real Audio and Video.

Get I-Phone.

Get CuSeeMe for video-conferencing
Get Eudora Light

or Eudora Pro.
Keep your mail and web browsers separate.
Jump Starts
Choose your engines to

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