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Listen to LBI's new theme song in Real Audio.
Hear it.Sound FilesHear it.

For your listening pleasure

Surf sound with beach birds This .au file brings you the sounds of the early morning low tides.
Surf sound, gentle This .au file offers a reminder of those peaceful moments on the shore.
Surf's up! Stormy surf reminds you of the sometimes fickle sea we love.
Surf sound Surf sound in a .wav form.
Our lbi theme song CD plays 45 sec. (1.1m).
Not for you This .wav file is a message to bad beach boys. (37k)
Good Vibrations This .mid file is a quick load. Nice tune from the Beach Boys. (51k) Plays 4 min.
Surfing USA Beach Boys classic. (51k .mid)
Help me, Rhonda More from the Beach Boys. (49k .mid)
Kokomo Another Beach Boys tune (66k .mid)
Cruising Music A .mid file. (51k) Traveling music. Come again. Plays 12 min.
Opus #1 Famous "swing" tune from the big band era (27k. mid)
Rhapsody in Blue Go Gershwin with this .mid file. (43k) 
On the wings of a__ Fill in the blank. This .mid file lifts you. (13k)
Cats in the Cradle Harry Chapin classic in .mid form. (10K)
Hey, Jude! A Beatles' tune. (46k .mid)
Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet tune about his Key West experiences. (47k .mid)
5th Symphony  Classic form in .mid form. Amadeus Beethoven (23k .mid)
Do It for you Why we do what we do at (37k .mid)
Hajimari The modern master...Kitaro. A personal favorite. (23K .mid)
The Lord's Prayer Religious classic. (16k .mid)
Take a Bow. Madonna. Are you talking to ME? (28k .mid)
A Whole New World Theme song from Aladdin. (20k .mid)
The Wall Pink Floyd's classic from the album of the same name. (29k .mid) with streaming media
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