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Humor and Games
  • 3DO WWW Server up to the minute and accurate information about The 3DO Company and 3DO products.
  • Nintendo latest products and a low or high resolution graphics so those with slower modems can still enjoy.
  • The Sega Web
  • Prime Bits students of the Augustinus College in Amsterdam review new computer games (CD-i, CD-ROM, Playstation, Saturn). Information about game and release data is also provided.
  • CartooNet a gateway to European cartoon arts. There are about 200 images distributed around the various sections.
  • Comic Book Depot anything and everything to do with the Comic Book Industry!
  • The Froggy Page all about frogs!
  • URouLette play this wheel and you'll be transported to a random Web site.

And a lot more links, Mainly for Kids.

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